Thomas Humphries Fighting Stallions on Display at Tryon’s World Equestrian Games 2018

Thomas Humphries' Fighting Stallions Just Arrived, Pre Brace Removal

Thomas Humphries,  a native of Blythewood, SC creates life  size sculptures using recycled material.  His 1500 lb, 10.5 ft tall, 11 ft long and 5 ft wide creation: “FIGHTING STALLIONS” was approved for display at  the entrance of Tryon’s World Equestrian  Games 36 hours before  the opening ceremonies, thanks to Annette Goyette, Director of Vendors.

Humphries’ inspiration to sculpt began  24 years ago at Charleston College when he decided to minor in Art and took a sculpture class.

His passion for welding and creating art started out as a hobby. He soon discovered that recycled metals was a creative, eco-friendly and inexpensive medium.  His ability to visualize scrap metal as a finished piece of art is a rare gift that he continues to improve.

This particular sculpture is a tribute to Anna Hyatt Huntington’s “Fighting Stallions” sculpture that is located at the entrance of  Brookgreen Gardens at Murrells Inlet, SC.    Thomas has great admiration for her work and simply wanted to challenge himself.  

Be sure to take the time to take a close look at this amazing sculpture.   You may want to think twice before throwing those broken tools and tractor parts away.

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Author: Nancy Bruen Smith

Photos: Maria Otto