Olympic Gold Medalist Phillip Dutton Coaches Daughter Olivia

Phillip and Olivia Dutton were both competing in Prelim division at Sporting Days Farm with Olivia riding Icabad and Phillip riding Cooley President owned by David garrett.

Olympian Gold Medalist Phillip Dutton has a 16 year old daughter named Olivia, elated to spend the winter season in Aiken, SC with her father Phillip Dutton. Olivia attends Foxcroft School in Middleburg, VA, keeping up with classes with a personal tutor for 4 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, and appreciates the one on one learning experience. 

She can’t remember when she first started to ride, “They just threw me up there when I was a baby and I have always loved it,” Olivia said.  Her twin sister Mary rode until she was 6 years old, preferring theater, singing and the arts to riding horses. Olivia explained, “Both of my parents have always encouraged us to make our own choice, with no expectations to follow in their footsteps.”

Olivia competed Preliminary level for the first time 2 years ago on Santas  Playboy, a  TB owned by Amy Ruth Borun.  She started competing him  in 2015  and stopped in the summer of 2017.  Santas Playboy is presently 19 years old. She then started riding the infamous 14 yr old thoroughbred Icabad Crane owned by Graham and Anita Motion. Icabad retired with a pretty impressive track record, coming in 3rd place at the Preakness. “He and my Dad competed in the 2014 Thoroughbred makeover and won, and continued competing him up to 1* level.  He is a wonderful horse and never does anything wrong,” Olivia commented with affection.

Olivia’s 2nd mount is Mr. Medicott

“Dad competed Mr. Medicott at Rolex last year (2017). I rode Cave (Mr. Medicott’s barn name) at Training level one time last summer in Maryland. He had no respect for the small jumps, so we bumped up to Prelim and I competed him 3 times at that level. I am very excited to be riding Cave for my first Intermediate competition at the Carolina International, that is less than 2 weeks away!” Olivia said enthusiastically, and continued, “I am incredibly lucky to be riding such an

amazing horse. He can be pretty strong at x-country, but does settle down fairly fast. I find Dressage the most difficult, and he is teaching me a lot.” Olivia feels fortunate to be riding only 2 mounts, so she can concentrate on her studies. She has aspirations of being an equestrian professional once she finishes college. When asked how it feels to be coached by such a well known Olympian?  She simply replied, “it’s pretty normal, he’s pretty easy going and…He’s just my Dad.  Mom and LeeLee and Mary are back in PA, so I really like the bonding time we are having this winter.  I know how lucky I am to be able to ride such great horses.”

Author and photos: Nancy B smith