Kim Barteau – Clinician Extraodinaire

Kim Bartreau - Clinician Extraordinaire Visits Aiken

Thanks to the combined efforts of Julie Robins of Aiken Horsemanship Academy, Stephanie Sheridan  and Sam Charles Spitler for organizing a 3 day clinic with  Kim Barteau.

How refreshing to witness a clinician that obviously knows horses and humans. Kim Barteau has the ability to quickly analyze the owner/horse relationship whether in the saddle or practicing liberty work. He patiently watches with a keen eye and is quick to  compliment the positive human horse connection.  He can instantly pinpoint the adjustment needed, BUT most importantly has the ability to communicate with the human’s individual personality in simple, direct terms.

Kim Barteau was Head Trainer for over 10 years at the world famous Arabian Nights Dinner Theater in Orlando, FL.  Kim’s wife, Yvonne Barteau was the Principle Trainer and Director of Entertainment Operations for 5 years at Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre.

Kim & Yvonne  have trained over a dozen horses to the Grand Prix level in dressage, and have trained over 60 horses to FEI level. Their passion for horses and the human connection is evident in all that they do.  For more information go to:

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Samantha (Charles) Spitler, an avid Fox Hunter with Whiskey Road Fox Hounds and previous polo player took an interest in “Liberty Work” and has been working with Julie Robins for 2 years.

The event took place at at Spitler’s Undasa Farm located in Hatchway Bridge Farms.   The “Meet and Greet” dinner held Friday nite was catered by Chef Lou Guisto. 

For those who missed this marvelous opportunity, another clinic is scheduled for May 17-20, 2018.  For more information go to:

Kim and Yvonne Barteau have recently relocated KYBDressage to Rock Bluff Ranch outside of Ocala, Florida.  Their passion for connecting horses and humans continues by training horses and humans for dressage,  exhibitions, groundwork, and  liberty work. Please visit their latest endeavor of rescuing horses. 


Story and Photos: Nancy B Smith

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    I audited the clinic and was very impressed with Mr. Barteau. His skill and expertise, as well as his love of horses was apparent. He met each horse and handler “where they are” in their journey. The horses improved, and the handlers went home with useful suggestions for continued progress. Mr. Barteau shared interesting tales of his relevant previous training experiences as he worked with the horses, and made comparisons regarding horse personalities (Check out his wife, Yvonne’s, book: Ride the Right Horse.)

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