FOTAS RESCUE: A Herd Dog in a Chihuahua Body

FOTAS Rescue: A herd dog in a Chihuahua Body

This adorable Chihuahua mix, a FOTAS rescue, appears to be a natural herd dog….

The Friends of the Animal Shelter – Aiken County (FOTAS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) (Tax ID #27-0609272), volunteer organization created in 2009 to supplement the resources of the Aiken County Animal Shelter in the care of approximately 4800 homeless and abandoned animals consigned to its care each year. FOTAS is wholly funded by private donations.

The mission of FOTAS is to support the Aiken County Animal Shelter by promoting animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and the elimination of euthanasia of all adoptable animals.   READ MORE

On December 23rd, a close friend gave me a tiny 7 pound Chihuahua-mix from FOTAS as a Christmas gift.    She had recently been spayed, (no bath for one week) fragile, adorable, stinky and covered with fleas.  It took an incrediable amount of persistence to convince FOTAS to release her, so she wouldn’t have to spend Christmas alone. She seemed incredibly grateful to have a warm place to stay, somewhat shy,  and insistent upon crawling between the sheets of my bed, with her back-end snug against my belly, infiltrating flea eggs resulting in Pulicosis.  After treating both of us for flea bites, we celebrated Christmas with friends.
She fit comfortably in the pouch of my apron,  convalescing as we bonded.  She was appropriately  named Ave Maria, and responds well to “ReeRee.”  Two weeks later, house breaking continued by literally picking her up, putting a jacket on her and carrying her to a soft spot on the grass,  preferably where the sun was shining.  (We did have an unusually cold January) We took daily walks in the woods.  She eventually preferred walking or running to being carried.  She loves traveling in the car, and has adjusted to visiting various farms to do chores or ride.  She has never attempted to chase a horse, but is not afraid of them either.  It was  a great surprise to see her,  2 months later herding sheep.  Please, enjoy, and feel free to comment on what breed may be influencing her herd instinct.

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    So cute!! Loved it!! Like your Jacobs.. No horns?? Was that also a Romney?
    I have 2 Jacobs and 2 Romney Border Leicester crosses..

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