OUR MISSION:  A one stop, on-line, on time Equestrian Calendar & Equestrian Information for Aiken, SC and the surrounding area (Including NC, SC and GA)

2009 – E-calendarAiken was created by 2 competitors to let people know what was shakin’ in Aiken in the horse community.

2012 – Equestrian Calendar Aiken was created:  We used a new platform and created individual disciplines and created a monthly newsletter.  ( with 11,000 subscribers)

2017-2018 – Our new website includes 6 individual locations within the 3 states to assist in finding the event you are looking for. Simply use the filters to “stay in the know” of all things equestrian.

WE OFFER FREE LISTINGS, and promotional services.

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Aiken Equestrian Media - 2017-2018