2014 Feb news – Donc

Donc Competes in his First Monster Mini CDE


Stories and photos by Nancy Bruen Smith


The 5th Annual Monster Mini CDE was  held January 11th and 12th at Courage to Lead and Chateau Log Farms, at Windsor Trace in Windsor, SC. This event loosely follows the ADS rules, at the discretion of the organizers.  Nancy Tomlinson, the event organizer, from Frederick, Maryland created this event for a few reasons.  There has been a great volunteer following in the “driving” world, and more and more people are learning to drive, and many of these people start with a “mini” (less than 39 inches tall) of some kind. The carriages and tack are available, and it is not quite as intimidating to drive behind a mini.  This CDE has become very popular over the years, incredibly inviting and fun for drivers of all abilities.

This particular year,  one mini donkey entered by the name of Donc; owned by Ann Zouk.  Donc was rescued by Ann a few years ago to keep her horse company.  He arrived at her place as a stallion, and wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with people.  He was gelded, and slowly but surely realized that people really were not all that bad.  Unfortunately, Ann had to put her horse down, and then she needed to find another equine to keep Donc company, so bought a driving pony. Donc became accustomed to carriages and driving, and when Ann decided to give her pony a break from the show world, she hooked Donc up to a carriage, and brought him to this event which was his first competition.


It was obvious to Donc that he had a purpose.  He circled near the x-country starting gate, his zeal was difficult to misinterpret.  He was the “Director” and was on a mission and was all business as he crossed the starting line, and zigzagged around obstacles like a seasoned veteran. He placed 2nd in his division and will certainly compete again.

A fun time was had by all, and both Courage To Lead and Chateau Log Farms were gracious hosts, opening their property to the public as well as supplying some great food!  This is definitely an event not to miss in the years to follow.


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